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 Shakata Boom provides packages for individuals, companies and charities. We offer one-to-one packages for individuals, and group classes to be accessed by your institution, either virtually or face-to-face. This means we can build the motivation to get fit and healthy together, providing a means of productive escapism from the workplace or general day-to-day stress.


We offer a virtual private training session as a one-off purchase for new clients. Each new client will attend a prepaid virtual consultation with a member of the SB Well-Body team. Following the virtual consultation, a customized workout program is designed for the client. The first training session will be scheduled after the private training program has been customized by Maximilian, or another member of SB Well-Body team.


We also offer multiple one-to-one sessions as a bespoke program package, created according to your needs. 


We understand the importance of occupational health, and the challenges it takes to maintain the overall well-being of your team, colleagues or clients in the modern world today. We are here to listen and provide assistance, by creating a bespoke program that is tailored to your company or client's needs.

Please send an email to schedule and book a consultation.

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Shakata Boom provides four main discipline styles; Asolo, Ascendant, Arise and Performance CEO. Each is very different to the other, and benefits the body in its own unique way. The four disciplines can be mixed together, or taught as a separate focus, depending on the client's preference, needs and dynamic ability level. Each discipline is in a constant stage of evolution, and after an initial consultation, we can help find what is right for you. Maximilian has found the benefits of this daily practice to be unprecedented, and just by showing up, you will begin to feel the benefits for yourself, as you grow towards your aspired Well-Body. Your future is shaped by your life at present, and Maximilian will guide you on this journey to become the best version of yourself. 

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Physical Mindfulness

Asolo is designed to be a slow, rhythmical movement installation of SB. Focusing on hold, making different contraction shapes with your body, it will strengthen you at your core, dissolving visceral fat. By design, Asolo helps your body move the way it is meant to, honoring your skeleton, and will develop lean muscles, connective tissue, plus core, and everything else! The aim is to make you stronger, peaceful, and more aware of your Well-Body.

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Physical Mindfulness

Ascendant is the most vigorous class on the Shakata Boom program. It is a non-contact circuit training program, with a strong focus on fitness dynamics, cardio dance & speed! This discipline fundamentally builds up your core & athleticism, improving your blood circulation & respiration, so you dance your stress away, all while contributing towards a toned, Well-Body! 

This is a full-body workout that traditionally requires free-weights. If you do not have free-weights available, you can always use two tins of baked beans, or two 2-litre bottles of water.

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Physical Mindfulness

Arise encourages movement for pleasure, whilst also challenging you mentally, physically & spiritually. Simply, the body will start to move with intention and self-awareness, unblocking muscular tension & breaking down those barriers in the mind to help you transform your inner Well-Body & push you beyond your known limits.

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Physical Mindfulness

This discipline offers the most integrated & interactive form of theatrecise, allowing you to bring out the performer within, whilst participating in a workout that lets your imagination run free. You will focus on transforming your body in a fun & artistic way through expressive dancing & roleplay. This will have you smiling, changing state, and feeling like a superstar!