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Shakata Boom is a theatrecise holistic recede movement technique that aims to reduce chronic pain, improve blood circulation & strengthen anatomy, whilst also correcting posture. It has grown from the inspiration of the Benin Esan peoples Egbabonelimwin tribal performance art, dance anatomy, Alexsander technique, and the study of Autoimmune Dis-Ease symptoms, and how they can be relieved using movement, performance technique, and occupational health. All the movements explored are designed to expand the blood vessels, the process known as vasodilation, allowing for smoother transportation of blood to the muscles that need it! The primary reason for the creation of Shakata Boom is to share the glorious benefits these particular movements can bring to those who need it the most.

Six noticeable benefits include:

1. Improved blood circulation, leaving you feeling youthful and energized.


2. Increased muscle strength and definition.

3. Improved focus.

4. A wider range of motion and flexibility.

5. Self-confidence and mindfulness.


6. Some added fun to your day!