Whether you're here to ease discomfort, maintain your body, or tap into your hidden creative talents - we’ve got you covered! Regardless of your age, ability, needs or intentions, we have a flexible range of different disciplines, group sessions, and one-to-one services that are designed to help improve your overall health and well-being, and add more play to your day.

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Group training sessions are available face-to-face exclusively for company and group bookings. However, the program is also available online so everyone can experience a bespoke service in the comfort of their own space. Prior to your first session, a customized workout program will be designed to support you in your Well-Body journey, meeting your physical, mental and spiritual needs. This design process starts with a prepaid virtual consultation meeting with the Well-Body Team at a scheduled date and time. Payments are made via PayPal to ensure a safe and secure transaction.


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Whether you are a busy jetsetter without time to go to the gym, a company looking for a creative welfare solution, or an educational institution wishing to broaden their current curriculum with an expressive African art, we can provide a service to cater especially for you!

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