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Maximilian is the creator and founder of Shakata Boom - the only theatrecise program of its kind, aiming to assist occupational health through using Recede Movement Techniques.
Although the theatrecise practice originates from a combination of African tribal arts, it also pulls from Maximillian’s experience as a performance artist, art director, and well-body coach. 
From her own personal experience, she was intrigued to learn more about the benefits that certain types of movements had on relieving pain in the body. This led her on a 15-year long journey, studying the symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases, how they affect the body, and how she can provide solutions to relieve them. Through this research, she was able to develop a practice that relieved these symptoms, whilst also helping to maintain a Well-Body. 
She named it; Shakata Boom

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Recede Movement Techniques combine Maximilian's performance history with her medical knowledge, in order to provide solutions to improving people’s overall health.

Every single movement in Shakata Boom’s movement sequence is developed, analysed and adapted with the clients problem in mind. This ensures that they are provided with the movements that are the most effective at receding the symptoms they are personally experiencing.


This strategy is Maximilian’s life work, in which she continuously looks at the known symptoms of Autoimmune Diseases, and new ones that may arise, discovering solutions to relieving them. This is her life purpose and life practice.

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The purpose of Shakata Boom is to prevent & ease symptoms of poor blood circulation that cause inflammation & joint pain, whilst also boosting respiration, & the overall mood & health of the individual. Although the activity itself is very fun, this does not undermine the medical role of the practice, which is rooted in 15 years of Maximillian’s ongoing research studies. These have looked into how Autoimmune Dis-Ease symptoms can be relieved using a wide range of movements to boost the haematopoiesis process, cardiovascular & immune systems, and the regeneration red & white blood cells. The ongoing research methodology consists of observational & experimental approaches, taking a holistic viewpoint, bringing internal and external benefits, as well as benefits to the mind.

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Greater breathing pattern & function.

Better blood circulation.

Widen vein passage & artery walls.

Reduce joint pain, stiffness & inflammation.

Natural endorphins released.

Decrease plaque build-up in blood vessel walls.

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Better Posture.

Lean strong muscles.

Increased flexibility.

Range of motions to deliver everyday activities with ease.

Elongated physique.

Powerful stance.

Greater cognitive skills.
Improves concentration.
Boost in confidence and self-image.

Induces activity-dependent neuroplasticity.